Friday, February 16, 2007

Wig Phobia

Yesterday at work Jimmy was wearing a huge Afro wig (for a company event), and I almost had to run away and hide. Wigs are scary. Wigs slipping off people's heads are even scarier. The way people's hair looks after they have been wearing a wig on top of it, sticky with sweat and all those bobbie pins everywhere, is just gross. And the absolute worst? Chimps wearing wigs. Especially when the chimp-dresser puts a blonde wig with bangs on the chimp. Why do they always do that?

I wonder, does being afraid of wigs have anything to do with my desire to knit and wear hats? Who knows. But look, here's a hat I made last month:

The pattern (called Bobble!) is from Rowan Magazine #34, for those of you who might be wondering.


joseph said...

Was there really a company event, or did Jimmy just feel like wearing an afro wig to work?

linda said...

That's a good question, but he actually did wear it for an event!