Friday, April 6, 2007

A Cautionary Tale,

Or what happens when you try to knit on steroids.

You may recall that I was sick with a virus about a month ago. Unfortunately, I have still not fully recovered. Long story short I am now taking steroids to try to get everything back to normal. And wow, they are no fun at all. Just say no, kids.

I was working on Bayerische sock #1, and in no time I had a mild fit of "roid rage." I realized that I had made a mistake on the previous round. "No big deal," I calmly thought, "I'll just unknit until I -- oh, I HATE the way I joined the first round at the top of the sock -- that's really gonna BOTHER me -- it's right at the top and it looks like S*** -- and this row here is TOO FUZZY, it should be CRISPER -- it looks really F***ING SLOPPY -- F***!! -- " And then before I knew what I was doing, look what happened:

Don't worry, I didn't actually flush the yarn. It is recovering quietly right now.

The lovely Bayerische sock will be attempted again after I am done with this:

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