Wednesday, May 7, 2008

East Coast time

Visited our families and friends in Pennsylvania and Maryland for a long weekend. I was planning to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival for the first time on Saturday, but due to a case of Pennsylvanian-Mexican food poisoning, Jimmy was unable to leave our Baltimore friends' bathroom for more than a couple minutes at a time. So instead I spent the day in Hampden with my friend Teresa, enjoying the spring weather and some local scenery:

(For those readers who have never been to this neighborhood in Baltimore, just about every house in Hampden is decorated to this degree.)

By Sunday Jimmy had recovered enough for a brief visit to the Sheep and Wool Festival. Unfortunately it was kind of a bust. We missed the antique sock knitting machine demo, which was only on Saturday. Also, I was hoping to pick up some eyeball yarn from Insubordiknit, too, but it was all long gone. . .

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