Sunday, May 10, 2009

How about some old socks for a change?

An ice cream truck just drove down my street playing the beginning of Fur Elise repeatedly, which has to be the most melancholy ice cream truck song I've ever heard. It's the perfect soundtrack for my knitting time this weekend. I have been knitting the same sleeve of my Pluie pullover again and again, and it still isn't turning out the way I want it to. Sigh. . .

Anyways, is this cheating? I don't really have any new topics to post about other than my sleeve failure, so . . . I made these socks back before I had a blog (sometime in the year 2006), and I thought I'd share them with you today:

It's Pomatomus from Knitty, the very second pair of Cookie A socks I ever knit. (The first pair shall remain a mystery for now. . .) The yarn I used was Fleece Artist Merino, I think the color is called Blue Lagoon. I reinforced the heels and toes with regular old sewing thread because I didn't know what else to use. Even so, they've held up nicely and are probably one of my most favorite pairs of socks I have made.

Yay me! I can't knit a sleeve but I can make a sweet pair of socks!

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