Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's Cloche

I have a weakness for wacky Japanese yarns. I couldn't resist buying some Olympus MakeMake from, even though I didn't know what I would do with it. It was my birthday so I figured I could indulge a little. I had to buy the yarn as a pack of 3 balls, which were wrapped in this weird clear plastic bag that feels slightly thicker and more rubbery than a regular plastic bag.

I decided to make a new hat for myself. I went with the Side Slip Cloche from Boutique Knits:

The pattern was pretty enjoyable to knit and clever as well. I think I like it. . .

So now the question is, what to make with these:

Yes, more Japanese yarn. It's supposed to be sock yarn, but like the Noro Silk Garden Sock, I don't think I want to put this on my feet.


jimmy said...

If it was fun and you think you like it why do you look so sad -:[

linda said...

My people are Nordic