Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Battle of Cardigan

My Ginny cardigan is finally finished, after a bit of a struggle.

First I had to block the crap out of it to get the "ridge pattern" stitches at the waist and shoulders to lie flat:

Once again I will declare my love for my blocking board.

Then after I had all the pieces sewn together, I realized I should have added short rows at the bust. The cardigan looked okay when I left it unbuttoned, but looked funny and too short in the front when buttoned. I wanted to button it. What to do? Add those f-ing short rows in kind of like an afterthought heel, I decided. Yikes!!! It took me a couple of nerve-wracking tries but I managed to make it work. Maybe if I feel like it I'll write a post about what I did. However, I advise everyone to add short rows as you are knitting the front like a sensible person would do.

Despite my trials and tribulations, I love this sweater and can't wait to wear it next fall!

Pattern: Ginny by Kim Hargreaves from Thrown Together
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed in Paisley
Needles: size 4 and size 1.5 Knitpicks metal
Modifications: Knit size 34 above waist and sleeves and 36 waist and hips. Made sleeves about 1" shorter. Added short rows at the bust.

I have to agree with other people who have made this, the torso is kind of short. Fortunately, so I am. If you are not leprechaun or fairy-sized, I recommend lengthening the body.

Here's a detail of the lovely distressed horn buttons I found at MJ Trim:

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