Sunday, April 11, 2010

Green gloves

I just need to sew in the ends on this one, and it's done. Glove #2 is already on the needles.

One time I went thrift shopping in Baltimore (didn't there used to be a thrift shop on St Paul and 21st? somewhere in lower Charles Village for sure) and found a pair of gloves that were about this shade of green. There was a whole box of dainty gloves to choose from, leftovers from the days when ladies wore gloves everywhere. For some reason the green ones really appealed to me so I bought them. I don't have them anymore, I probably donated them to Good Will before I moved to SF. So now I am compelled to recreate them?!? Well, not really. . . I think I just like green gloves.

I'm using a vintage knitting pattern from this site. Lots of great patterns there!

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