Sunday, February 4, 2007

growing socks

Two different socks in progress. The one on the left is from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. It's the "Child's First Sock" pattern, which has a nice shell-like repeat. The yarn is from Sundara Yarns' Petals collection. The color is called Lenten Rose, and it has some nice color variations since it's hand-dyed. It's a really cushy yarn.

The sock on the right is going to be a Spindle Sock (pattern by Amelia Raitte of My Fashionable Life), and the yarn is Toasty Toes, from Interlacements. I already used this yarn to make a pair of socks that turned out a little too big, which I frogged after wearing once. So the yarn's a little bit tired. But hopefully it will still make a good pair of socks. And, yes, it is the same yarn that I made a scarf out of a while ago. The yardage on Toasty Toes is sick, dude.

By the way, today was a beautiful day here in SF, 68 degrees, sunny and breezy. And the waves looked really pretty, too. Yet here I am, posting pics of yarn balls.

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