Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ow, my sleeve!

I recently realized that I misread the instructions for knitting up the sleeves on Cargo. It's a fairly minor mistake, instead of increasing every 10th stitch, I increased every 12th. Which means the sleeve was skinnier than it should have been for most of its length. I probably could have left the mistake as is, but I know it would bother me every time I wore the thing. I know how I am. . .

On the happy side, I only had one sleeve to redo, since the other one is still a mere wristband. On the crappy side, now I am going to have to reknit most of a sleeve that was once considered done.

Everything on the right side of the dotted yarn line has to go.
Spicy Thai chips are ready.

Whee! It's fun to destroy! And eat potato chips at the same time!

Ready to start stockinette-ing again, after I have a few more chips.

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