Sunday, May 13, 2007

Olde Rose, my BFF

It's sock week here at bird snorkel!

Let me introduce you to the first sock of the week, Cookie A.'s (from Knitters Anonymous) BFF Sock.

It's a really fun and easy pattern to knit, and it's free, too. For this sock I learned how to cable without a cable needle, and I highly recommend learning this technique if you want to make cables faster.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, the yarn I'm using is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the Olde Rose colorway. It's a pretty nice yarn. Not as cushy as Koigu or Sundara yarns, but I would use it again if I saw a colorway that interested me.

I struggled to find a sock pattern that wouldn't cause the colors to pool, and BFF has been pretty good for that. Although now that I'm onto the foot portion, it's pooling like a bastard. I'm not too concerned, though, since that part will be covered up by my shoes most of the time.

I used green Lang Jawoll reinforcement thread on the heel and I plan to use it on the toe as well. I'm a big fan of reinforcing the heels and toes. The toes feel weird if they don't have a little extra something. And the heels are the first things to go on my socks usually. Maybe this is too much information?

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