Saturday, June 2, 2007

"Corda Mulcet Tristia"

It's Latin, and is a pun, meaning both "It soothes sad hearts" and "Strings soothe sadness." Originally inscribed on a harpsichord (I found it while searching on the internet for a painting idea), the saying makes me think of both music and knitting. I have been using big doses of both to try to feel better after losing my orange cat friend.

Somehow, listening to the Smiths cheered me up a little. . . maybe because Jimmy would occasionally jump around and do a really hilarious impersonation of Morrissey dancing?

As for the knitting, I actually finished something:


I don't really mind the pooling on the foot part so much, even though it's a bit more, well, psychedelic than my usual style. But since this is how the socks will normally look,

it's okay with me. (All that work, and that's what shows, ha ha ha. . .)

However, I love the way the bright pink peeps though the little porthole on my Converses:

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suzy & todd said...

I appreciate the close-up view through the air eyelet. Nice. -T