Saturday, June 30, 2007

A couple of starts

Two more socks started. First we have yet another Cookie sock pattern:

It's called Titania's Revenge. Check out the crazy bramble lace. I bought the pattern from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, makers of Socks That Rock yarn, and I'm using Socks That Rock Lightweight, colorway Pink Granite, to make it. So far I'm enjoying the yarn a lot. Admittedly it isn't the softest yarn, but I kind of like that. And as for the pooling, well, I'm just gonna let the colors pool this time.

Another yarn I wanted to try is Panda Cotton, from Crystal Palace. It's a blend of cotton, bamboo, and elastic. I'm using it to make Edelweiss socks, from Vogue Knitting magazine, Fall 2006. Not much to see at the moment:

I'm just using red and black instead of red, black, and white, which is what the pattern calls for. Why? Because I like ladybugs.

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