Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fresh Off the Needles

A pair of Child's First Socks. The pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush (the original pattern is from 1899), the yarn is Sundara Petals, colorway Lenten Rose. I love the variation in the hand-dyed wool. I think these are the prettiest socks I have ever knit.

I added reinforcement thread to the toes only. I'm wondering how that will work out. The yarn is 100% wool, so it might wear out quickly. But I just didn't like the way the reinforcement thread looked with the heel of these socks. Also, the part of the sock that I usually wear out first is actually above the heel part on these socks. I'll need to be kind to these socks, I suppose. Who said knitting your own socks was practical, anyway?

Here's another pic of the two of them, in full, without my feet. Jimmy contributed the cool metal thing. Any guesses on what it is from?

Now I can cast on for another pair of socks!

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