Saturday, June 30, 2007

They were sleeves after all

I kept this one shrouded in mystery, but it's time to show you my first completed sweater of the year:

The pattern is Carla, from Rowan, using Rowan Cotton Tape, which I bought as a closeout yarn on last fall. The color is called Electric. I was hoping it was going to be a cobalt blue, but it's really more of a purple. Curse those non-color correct images! Obviously it wasn't that big of a let-down since I went ahead and made the sweater anyway. I think this pattern was popular in the knitblog world about 3 years ago, which goes to show how hip I am. . .

It was pretty quick and fun to knit. I used size 15 bamboo needles, so it felt like I was knitting with drumsticks. The only weird thing that happened was that somehow I managed to drop a stitch in the front or back part (they are both the same) when I was doing the decreases to shape the raglan top. I didn't notice until I was sewing the seams. Fortunately the dropped stitch was near a side seam, and I was able to loop a piece of yarn around it and secure it without having to reknit or do anything drastic. Now I can't even find where the dropped stitch was.

Here's a better shot of the embroidery work on the sleeves, which to me is the most interesting part of this sweater:

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