Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stitches West Saturday

Yesterday I went to Stitches West, the big yarn convention that happens every year in the SF Bay Area. It was my first time to go, and fortunately I had Amber, Pam, and Chloe (my knittin' crew from work) to keep me company. I'm kind of scared of yarn ladies, how ironical!

There was some good people-watching because you see a lot of folks decked out in their hand knit finery, some of which is horribly unflattering and some of which looks really amazing. Nothing too crazy to report, though.

Although there are classes and other events at Stitches, we went to check out all the yarn that is for sale.

I loved the handknit sock monkeys from the Blue Moon Fibers booth, where I bought some Socks that Rock yarn:

I made a few more yarn purchases, including some really beautiful indigo silk/wool yarn that doesn't photograph very well in the diffused light that I have today. My biggest splurge was at the Windy Valley Musk Ox Booth. I bought this:

It is 1 ounce, 218 yard ball of qiviuk yarn, which is made from the fine undercoat of, yes, the musk ox. Qiviuk (or qiviut) is softer than cashmere, doesn't shrink or pill, and is super warm and light as a feather. It is also extremely expensive. That 1 ounce was $83.00. That's the last time I'm going to mention that. The nice people at the Windy Valley booth threw in a free ball of pima cotton and a free knitting pattern of my choice, so I have a lacy scarf pattern that I can knit up with my qiviuk, and also with the pima cotton, if I want to.

After that, I was able to restrain myself from getting anything at the Habu Textiles booth, but I loved their amazing bamboo, paper, stainless steel, and silk yarns.

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