Saturday, July 19, 2008

I think this sock is laughing at me


I was moving along so nicely on my bmp sock, and then I reached the tiny spot of concentrated evilness known as the heel.

The heel you see here is version 3.5, which I arrived at after discovering the following adjustments were necessary. First, I ended up switching from size 1 to size 0 needles (the pattern calls for size 0's, but I had been using 1's due to the thickness of Panda Cotton). Then, I found that when I used SSK3togethers or SSP3togethers like the pattern said, I got holes. So I used K3tog and P3tog instead and got no holes. Finally, I turned the heel when there were 14 active stitches left instead of 16.

I am hoping that 3.5 times is the charm!

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