Thursday, August 28, 2008


Since I'm down to only 2 works in progress, I decided to start a couple new projects. They're both at that fragile stage where I could easily rip them out without much regret, since I haven't invested a lot of time or energy into either of them.

First, we have a possible sweater. It is Joy from Rowan's Vintage Knits book:

I'm using Rowanspun 4 ply. I love the name of the colorway. It's called Sludge.

I'm having doubts about this one already. The pattern calls for beads, but I don't like the combination of tweed and bead. So, like many other knitters who've made this, I decided to substitute the beads with purls. Unfortunately, the purls don't really read very well:

They are in the smoother section right below the knitting needle, and they form broken diagonal lines.

So. Do I continue, and see if the pattern shows up better once I've knit more? Or do I try out a different idea with this yarn. Hmm. Can't decide. . .


I wanted to have a simpler sock in the works to contrast with bmp and Bayerische, which are both a bit more challenging to knit. So here is the beginning of RPM, knit with sKNITches Bebop Sock yarn, colorway Chalkboard:

I have a better feeling about this one. I just need to keep on knitting to see how the pattern and the changing colors of the yarn work together.

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sunnie_fairy said...

sludge... nice name! I think it looks fabulous! keep knitting ;]
the socks look great! love the colors...
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