Saturday, July 18, 2009

A top

I broke out my sewing machine and made myself something to wear for the summer:

The pattern is the Anna Tunic by Amy Butler, size Medium. It was very well-written and not too tricky technique-wise to make. It was exactly what I wanted since I hadn't done any sewing in a few years.

The fabric is some cotton I bought at the World's Worst JoAnn Fabrics. I'm not super in love with it, but I think it works well for this pattern. The lining is just some unbleached muslin I had lying around.

I found some cute vintage buttons on etsy for the back:

I'm happy that my half-assed method of modifying the pattern actually worked. I cut out the front and back pieces, pinned them together, and put them on to see where the waistline fell on my body. It was about 2" below my actual waist (you know, 'cause I'm short), so I cut the pattern at the waistline, brought the waist up so that it was where I wanted it to be, and taped the pattern back together. The rest I left as is.

I took me two Saturdays and a few short sessions during the week to make this. Much faster than knitting!


snap! said...

Nice! You should bring your sewing machine to the beach and teach me how! Ok, one advantage of knitting is the portability...

Anyways, I've wanted to (re?)learn how to sew for a while...have you seen Built by Wendy has patterns for sale? I think it looks kinda cool. Wish I could sew!

linda said...

We'll have to figure out some kind of long-distance sewing class setup. After all, I owe you one since you're the one who taught me how to knit!!

snap! said...

Ok, new idea for drab slinkier knot: online sew-along:)

Ummm, but wait till i get a sewing machine. Maybe after xmas time:)