Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Visit to Venus

I guess I forgot to mention how I was going to be traveling to the planet Venus in March. I'm blogging from there now. Anyway, here are the photos I managed to take before the corrosive atmosphere took its toll on my trusty old point'n'shoot. . .

Descending to the surface through the cloud layers. . .

We reach the surface.

We set up base camp on the beach of an ocean of sulfuric acid.

The waves are soothing to watch after the tense landing procedure, but the sulfuric fumes are bearable for only a short while, even with our protective suits.

Some of my team members explore the coastline.

(Okay okay, I admit it - these are really just more Ocean Beach sunset pictures. . . But I did feel like I was on another planet when I saw this on Saturday!)

I'll have more knitting projects up here soon. I just need to take pictures of them. I'm still working on starting as many things as I can at one time.

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