Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sunset in the Sunset

Our neighborhood in San Francisco is called the Sunset District. When I tell people around here that I live in the Sunset, a common response is "It's ironic that it's called the Sunset, 'cause you'll never see the sun set through all the fog!" Usually this is accompanied by a gleeful smirk and the implied message that I will soon go insane from living in such a dismal place.
Mmmm hmmmm. . .

So here are some photos I took from my apartment earlier this week, while I was home sick (unfortunately I wasn't feeling well enough to venture outside):

Front window view, looking east, an almost full moon.

The glow of the sun reflected by buildings and clouds.

From the back windows, looking west, here are some shots taken over the roofs and shoulders of the buildings behind our place:

Red light on Great Highway.

A view of the Pacific Ocean as the light fades.

End of another day in the Sunset District, with chimney covers and a skylight.

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