Saturday, August 11, 2007

Flying Monkeys

No, I'm not referring to the magical flying monkeys that my friend Joe suggests will someday fly out of his butt to perform some impossible task (though I don't think Joe really needs any help performing impossible tasks since this is the man that went to a Morrissey concert and ended up with Morrissey's shirt - in one piece - after Moz flung it at him). . .

No, this is a knitting blog, dammit. So I must be talking about Monkey socks.

The flying part comes in because I finished them at the Newark airport while waiting for our flight home to SF. Here I am modeling the socks at Gate 136:

Fortunately, wearing handknit socks on one's hands is not considered a security risk.

Thanks to Jimmy for the action camera work! And check it out, he was just featured on Drawn! (What took them so long?!?!!)

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