Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sleeve Report

Two sleeves camouflaged on my chair, just like snow leopards on a mountain.

The sleeves denial experiment seems to be working. I managed to knock out the second sleeve for this sweater in about 2 sittings (although the sittings were about a month apart, but hey, in case you haven't noticed, I'm juggling a lot of knitting projects at one time).

This is kind of a weird one. The pattern is Moonlight, from Rowan. It was designed for a tweedy wool, but I'm using Rowan All Seasons Cotton Print. I think the reverse stockinette and stockinette panels work well with the variegated yarn. I like the 1950's styling, too.

I hope it all works out. I'm a little fearful that All Seasons Cotton will be too floppy. And the printed yarn has a bit of an 80's feel to me. I might wind up with an 80's-50's style, kind of like the Stray Cats in sweater form. . .Okay, to be honest, that really amuses me. Anyway, if I hate it, I've already decided I'll make a blanket with the yarn. It's so snuggly!

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