Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hello Squid!

I thought that the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend would mean lots of blogging, but instead I had a good time hanging out with friends. It's nice to know I still have a life outside of work and the internet. . .

So anyway, I've been meaning to post pics of the giant squid that I finished over a week ago:

I used yarn from 3 different Noro Kureyon balls to get all the pinks, reds, browns, blacks, purples, yellow, and green that I wanted. As for the shape, I just knitted until it looked right to me.

Here are some details for you:

moss-stitch tentacle ends

moss-stitch fins

double-button eyes

And this where you need to get out your 3d glasses:

(photo courtesy of Jimmy the Amazing Ape Lad)

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daniel said...

Awesome! Hooray for squids!