Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I took the red mitts for a walk

I wanted to take some photos of the finished mitts, but since it gets dark so early, I decided to do a quick photo shoot at work while there was still daylight:

To make them, I used Fetching from Knitty as a guide, since I got the same gauge as that pattern called for when I swatched both yarns using size 5 needles (the pink is Julia from Goddess Yarns, the red is handspun, hand-dyed Betsyply).

I cast on 45 stitches and joined them to knit in the round. I started by knitting 2" of k2, p1 rib with Goddess Yarns' Julia, then switched to Betsyply red handspun and knit in stockinette for 3".

Then I followed the Fetching pattern to make the thumbhole by knitting 7 stitches with waste yarn, and then reknitting the 7 stitches again. I continued for another 4 rounds with the handspun. Next I switched back to the Julia yarn and knit 1" of k2, p1 rib for 1". I cast off knitwise with size 8 needles.

Finally, I made the thumb part, once again using the Fetching directions, which involves pulling out the waste yarn and picking up stitches. I made the thumb hole 17 stitches around, using the Julia yarn in k2, p1 rib (ending up with 4 knit stitches in a row). I worked 4 rounds and cast off with size 8 needles.

The mitts turned out a little bit slouchy, which I decided was a good thing.

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