Sunday, December 2, 2007

The quickest mitts I've ever knit*

I started them on Thursday night and finished them Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately it gets dark so early that I couldn't take a nice pic of them, so all I have to show is this in progress view:

I used most of a small skein of hand-dyed, handspun merino that my pal Betsy gave me for the main part. The ribbed edges are knit from "Julia" from Goddess Yarns. I love the lumpiness of the handspun and the way it gets kind of blurry in places where it is less twisted.

For the pattern, I used Fetching from Knitty as a guide, since my gauge was the same, but improvised a much simpler design. I'll give more details when I post a photo of the finished product.

*The only mitts I've ever knit, hee hee hee

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