Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who knew?

Of all the new projects I've started recently, only one has really stuck. Was it Joy or RPM? Nope. What can I say, they just didn't do it for me. My fingers must have been itching for more twisted stitches. . .

Instead, here is the back of Interweave Knits' Tweedy Aran Cardigan by Norah Gaughan:

I'm knitting it with Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-ply fisherman's weight yarn. The color is Swift Current, which is a heathered blue-green with white flecks. There are some really beautiful cobalt blue flecks in the yarn as well.

My gauge was way larger width-wise, but about the same length-wise, so I'm following the directions for the next size down from what I want. I wanted some positive ease in the fit, so the finished bust size should be 42 1/2", but I'm knitting according to the size 38" bust directions. So far it's working.

I also rearranged the pattern a little bit. To set up the back, I did this:
10 sts of fancy rib, 10 sts of twisted rib (ending with a purl st), Chart A, Chart B, 8 sts of fancy rib (starting and ending with crossed sts), Chart B, Chart A, 10 sts of twisted rib (starting with a purl st), 10 sts of fancy rib.

The extra purl stitch in each twisted rib sections help the Chart A sections stand out a little more.

It's a pretty fast knit although those fancy ribs are killers on the fingers! The little finger on my left hand is probably the strongest it has ever been. I'm ready for Olympic little-finger wrestling, rarr!

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