Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Saturday sewing

With some help from my sewing buddy,

I successfully made the buttonholes for my shirt:

It is done!

(thanks to Jimmy for being my fashion photographer for this pic)

I like it a lot, and I will definitely use the pattern (Simplicity 4077) again.

I wanted the inside of the garment to look nice. I really hate zigzagged seams, so I did French seams for the side seams and darts. For the shoulders and cuffs I used Hong Kong finishes. I made my own bias strips from a light-weight yellow cotton fabric. It was more work, but very satisfying.

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Delara Celebi said...

Beautiful seam work! As a practitioner of both hand- and machine-sewing, I appreciate good finish work in either capacity. The button holes came out well also. Good job!