Monday, August 30, 2010

Sock-A-Day Update

People have stopped me in the street and demanded to know how my sock-a-day experiment from June has been going.

Okay, I exaggerate. Maybe one time Chloe asked me about it casually while we were knitting together at lunchtime. I could even be mistaken about that.

Anyway, here's the latest in pictorial form:

1. Bex - haven't touched it

2. Eunice - one done, one halfway to done

3. was Angee, now Marilinda by Cookie A. - using the same yarn. Angee was turning out too big so I'm trying a different pattern

4. Child's Sock in Miranda Pattern - no progress

5. Mingus (not pictured) - frogged. The yarn was obscuring the lacy pattern. I'm going to try Mingus with a different yarn.

6. Gentleman's Sock for Evening Wear - completely neglected

7. Livia - no work done

8. Canal du Midi - turned the heel on Sock #1

9. Empoisonee - needs love

10. Rainbow socks (not pictured at all) - DONE!!! blogged here.

I'm thinking maybe it's time to work on some of the neglected socks. Or maybe start some new ones?


Chloe said...

Yup, I did ask something to that effect. Thanks for posting an update! Which socks are you going to resume after the lime-green ones are done?

linda said...

Pair #9 is next up!